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The Outlet

I'm what's for dinner

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A self-confessed internet addict. I have many outlets for my inner self, and this is one of them. I love music, listen to many bands and types of music as well as compose my own. Watch a lot of movies and TV shows. I also do a fair bit of reading. However, the internet is my life's vice. That and blood. But mostly just the internet.

I'm currently living in Melbourne, Australia, working as a Media Producer (read: glorified video editor). I'm not sure what life is going to be throwing at me next, but for the most part at the moment I am content and happy. There's not a lot more you can ask for than that.

My journal is mostly friends only. Contact me using the details listed or on one of my public posts if you'd like to be added for whatever reason, but realise that this is a personal, private journal, and I normally only grant people a place on my flist if I know them, or want to get to know them better. However, feel free to contact me and engage me in conversation to get to know me better. :) Thanks.