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I got the job!!!

I've just been told that they want me to stay on with the company!

I got the job! I'm going to be a professional video editor!

Work that I edit, and eventually PRODUCE and edit (i.e. take my own camera crew out to film a job, bring tape back and edit it, produce finished product complete with graphics, voice-over etc), will be going to air nationally, via both TV and radio, on any given day.

To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

I've already spoken to my folks, they're very happy for me obviously. As is one of my best friends, whom I told first via email.

And now I'm telling all of you! Then I have more phone calls to make... both to tell people of the good news, and to figure out what I should be expecting next. I want to talk to my ex-teacher about what I should look for in a contract/employment agreement.

Anyways, going to make some calls now while I wait for a DVD to encode.


MediaLink Editor ;)
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