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It's about time I posted about Travian.

Travian is this funky little web game that I've been playing for a few days now. You have to build up your village, get the supplies flowing in, build buildings, build armies and go and conquer or raid other player's villages.

It starts off fairly slow, as you have to get resources flowing in steadily, and this takes a few days. I haven't even finished it to my satisfaction yet. Resources (timber, clay, iron and food) flow in at a rate per hour, and each upgrade and building requires a certain amount of resources. If you take the time to build them up in the beginning, it should make the rest of your planned upgrades and game-play easier and quicker. At least, I hope - since I'm still building up my resource flow.

Every building and upgrade also consumes a certain amount of your crop, and the game won't let you get in to a position where you're consuming more crop than you're making. So building up your crop resource at the start of the game is extra important.

Once you gain a higher level, you're able to join and create alliances between players. That's ultimately what I'm hoping to do with my circle of friends, if they end up playing and liking the game - starting a little alliance with them.

I'm not sure whether you need to be the same race to ally, but either way - I'm playing as the Gauls on Server 2. If any of you join the game, let me know what your user-name is. Once I've built my own resources up, I'll start an alliance that everyone can join.

Have fun!

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