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I went for a job interview today.

So I just went for a job interview.

It was at a place called Media Link Productions, and it was for the position of a junior editor / producer.

One of the teachers was notified about this job through a contact of his, and he passed it on to a few select students that he knew would be interested in the job. Being that editing is what I want to get in to, obviously I was highly interested.

I started updating my CV to send in, but e-mailed the teacher my permission for him to send out my email and contact details to whomever requested them. However he emailed back with information about the job saying that they were looking to appoint someone sooner rather than later, to not worry so much about the CV and just contact them. So contact I did.

I phoned up today, and spoke to the general manager. I told him who I was, how I'd found out about the job, and what he'd like from me in terms of an application. He asked if I had material I could show him, and I said I had several DVDs of my work. So he asked if we could meet, and I asked when he'd be free, and he said today was fine if I was able...

So it was that I got off the phone to him at about 12pm, got my shit together and went in to the city for an interview / meeting at 2:30pm - only my second job interview in 9 years.

Unexpected bonus: the shirt I wanted to wear to the interview was dirty. I threw my washing in the machine when I got off the phone. It was still wet when I put it on to go to the interview. It is a scorching hot day. Cold shirt on a hot day = small slice of heaven.


I was fairly early so I grabbed some brunch and calmed my nerves. Took the elevator to the top floor of the building the office is located in (eight story building with multiple offices), and waited for the manager.

Eventually met the manager and we started talking about what the company did, and how they worked. If you browse the website, you'll get a good idea. He told me what they were after, and I said that everything they were looking for was taught to us in the last couple of years. Then I showed him examples of my work, and also a course promotion so he knew what we were taught (luckily the promo was edited by me - that was a double bonus!).

He seemed fairly impressed by my portfolio, the fact I knew my way around Photoshop and could obviously direct and edit. He asked if my current job would be a problem if I was asked to start very soon. I said that I'd done a two year course to gain the sort of job he was offering, and I'd be a fool if I let a second job get in the way of that. I let him know my hours - and indeed, my employment there - were flexible and negotiable, depending on what he was offering. I'm pretty sure that satisfied him.

So he told me that they were looking to put someone on very soon - before Christmas - and that he wouldn't leave me hanging, he'd get back to me soon. I left him my resumé (updated and finalised less than an hour before the interview, heh) and he walked me to the lift as we chatted, before parting ways.

I'm excited, anxious, happy, and scared! I'm excited about the prospect that I might actually score this job, and I'm anxious to hear if I will or not. I'm happy that the interview went as well as it did, and that I still have the ability to be fairly cool and relaxed under pressure - a skill that can be required when working with clients. And I'm scared about leaving my comfort zone. I've worked in the same job for 9 years. It's definitely time that I left that comfort zone and started making a killing in a career I know I'm cut out for - but that doesn't make it any less scary. It's like a 'real' job. My current job is like second nature to me now, comfortable and easy. A 'real' job is scary. :)

Either way... I went for a job interview today, and I nailed it. Keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

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