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The Ten Dimensions - Premiere Screening

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Calling all lovers of short films!

Happy Days Media Productions cordially invites you to attend the premiere of their first project THE TEN DIMENSIONS.
Directed by Nicholas Clifford and Produced by Michael Ciccone, the 14-minute short film pits right versus wrong, and good versus evil in a dramatic narrative that can only be seen to be explained.
Meet Bronson (Enrico Mammarella), a cold-hearted and calculating murder consultant who specialises in assisting those difficulties.
The very same services which Lucas Montain (David Orlando) has hired, as he plans to exact revenge against his own cheating wife (Ramona Pusch). But he must follow each direction precisely to Bronson's order or risk being caught out by the law.
Yet, there is something in this relationship that is missing. A connection between two people in conversation that only honesty would bring.
Who has reason to lie? What exactly is a murder consultant? And will Mrs. Montain get her just deserts? Only time will tell.
The premiere for THE TEN DIMENSIONS is to be held at Loop Bar on Sunday December 10th, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne (Melways Ref:1B U6) with doors opening at 7.30pm. Entry is free.
So come join the cast, crew, family and friends as we enjoy a wonderful and entertaining piece of work before it hits the festival circuit at home and abroad.
A teaser for the film can be found at the following link, we hope it whets your appetite!
Spread the word, it's an open invitation!
Yours sincerely,
The Happy Days Team.
Michael Ciccone.
Mobile: 0412 125 433


Ten Dimensions Premiere Poster
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