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Feelin' hot hot hot!

Hot doesn't even begin to come close to describing the weather out there today.

We're all Jewish, and the weather is Nazi Germany. It's not just hot, it's murderously oppressive.


Why don't any stores sell singular CD-Rs anymore? I guess it's not cost-effective or something. Usually I like bulk, but this time I wanted the Jewel Cases. Oh well. At least I don't have to go outside again today.


My manager back-flipped a little, saying she could only get me 32 hours a week, and that I would be 'finishing' every night at 12am. We close the store at 12am, but there's no way I can ever LEAVE at 12am. 12:15am at the earliest, 12:30am on most nights after packing up the registers and whatnot.

I went in to sort it all out, but my manager wasn't there. I arranged to come back to see her, but in the process of looking for her I noticed the store manager in his office, doing some work. After I left the store, I thought "Why don't I just go up to the boss and ask his opinion, see whether there's a good reason I'm finishing at 12am, or whether he agrees with the decision? Can't hurt to ask his opinion and advice." I even got as far as the tram stop, indecisive, before I finally decided to turn back around and go talk to him.

I asked him if he had a spare moment, and that I just wanted to get his advice on something. He invited me in to his office and told me to sit down. Before I'd even had a chance to say anything, he pointed to a piece of paper on his desk.
"I've just been handed your new roster. I can't work it out, they've got you finishing at 12am. How the hell are you supposed to get out of the store at 12am? You should be rostered on until 12:30am." I grinned.
"That's exactly what I came in to ask you about."

He seemed surprised that anyone could make a stupid mistake like that, and he was even on the phone doing some yelling to get it out of his system. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I walked out of there with a new signed roster of 35.5 hours per week - 36 per week is the legal maximum I can do as a part-timer - and my official knock-off time is now 12:30am every week-night. To be doing half an hour under the legal maximum is pretty damn good, and to get an extra 3.5 hours simply by dropping in to see the boss and not even being able to phrase a question before he was fixing everything up is pretty awesome. So I'm quite happy. I just hope I didn't step on anyone's toes, although I can hardly be blamed for my boss' actions. Either way I'm sure it'll be smooth sailing a couple of weeks in.

Right. I have a few more little loose-ends to tie up and things I want to do, and then I've officially not got anything to do except work. That means lots more gaming, movies and television-watching for me! :D :D

Take care all,

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