Dominitus (dominitus) wrote,


I will be amazed if this works, but right now I'm on the train back home. I've been visiting friends and family in my home-town. It was a good trip. But I've finished my book, my iRiver is out of juice after watching several Family Guy episodes, and I still have a while to go. I got to playing with my phone, and decided to see if I could post an entry here. At the moment, it looks like it'll work, but my head tells me it shouldn't, because for me, this is WAY too cool! I've always wanted a way to blog and check email on the go, it's just too awesome that I may now actually be able to! It's probably costing me a pretty penny too, but it alleviates the boredom, and you can't put a price on that! Well, you can, but it's probably not costing me THAT much, so it's okay. Problem is, I can't think of anything I need to desperately say that can't wait the two or so hours... except that, whine whine, I'm bored, whine whine. Not that any of you can help with that. So I guess I'll sign off, try to post this from my mobile, and see if the damned thing actually works!

Tags: albury, geekery, internet, mobilepost

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