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The Usual Suspects

Ok, well, I guess I owe some updates.

I finally paid for my flights - I withdrew all the money at the bank, and walked to the flight center with it in my pocket. Heh heh.. that was cool. I could have got it out as a bank cheque, made out to the travel agent, but that would have cost more. It was only a short walk, so.. no biggie.

I got a second opinion on the visa thing, when I paid, as I was able to deal with one of the agents I had been dealing with previously. When I told her I'd been advised that I might need a working visa, and after explaining to her my situation (pausing as the other young girl I'd spoken to walked past - I didn't mention that she'd been the one to 'advise' me) with no hesitation she told me she doubted I would need one. Especially since I'm staying with relatives over there. So that was a relief.

I caught up with a friend who has done quite a bit of traveling - she's been to Ireland, Canada, America, England, Europe.. overseas no less than 8 times in her life, and still only my age. So she had a lot of decent information for me. I'm under the impression though, heh, that she thought I hadn't done much research yet. So she was impressed with how far I've come 'on my own'. I hadn't really thought much of it, but they all (her family) kept telling me that I'd have no problems finding work overseas - probably even no problems getting a better paying job than what I've got here.
"People that actually manage to get themselves overseas at your age, and especially by themselves, HAVE to have some kind of initiative," her father explained. "If you're just lazing around smoking dope all the time, you're never going to get yourself anywhere, or do anything. So if you're there, you're obviously motivated and have initiative. So you're highly sought after." He said it pretty matter-of-factly, and I've no doubt he's right.

Although along with all the good information. there were some warnings. I heard all the stories about thefts, lost passports.. the "When traveling goes bad!" stories. From that I've gathered that the best thing to do is look as un-touristy as possible. Know where you're going, don't stand about looking at maps, keep your really really important things close to your person - and not in places like pockets where they could be easily pickpocketed. Professionals that can steal the watch off your arm without your even noticing are what you have to watch out for and protect against. Basically - keep your wits about you.

I'm still bag-less. Haven't been able to find a second-hand one, and I'm putting off buying a new one, because they're so damn expensive. But, I think it's something I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do. I need one, I need one that's decent and is going to last, and I need one with a day pack. They don't come cheap, but then again, it's like spending your money on luggage. People see that as an investment, as it's something they can use and re-use. This is the same, really. So it's a matter of perception. This just happens to be luggage that you can carry on your back. Yeah. ^_^

My folks freaked out a little bit when I told them that a 'decent' digital camera doesn't cost $300 - it's more like $800. So now instead of buying me a camera, they might just be 'pitching in'. Which sucks. Because it means I might end up not getting a camera. Or, getting a crappy one. Oh well. That may just be something I'll have to take or leave. It's not a big deal.

I've been having good and bad nights at work. Sometimes they start off sucky and end up being ok. My managers and I are getting on fine, which is a great thing. One night last week, a girl came through my register, about 23 or so I'm guessing, and struck up a conversation with me, telling me she'd been locked out of her house. From humble beginnings, we got on to her uni course, my old one, how useful IT people are, and finally, she asked me if I'd seen the 'Arg and Poochy' show, or something like that. Arg is Poochy's owner (Poochy is a cat), and after singing me the theme song ("Arg and Poochie, Arg and Poochie, what will they do next?") and forever endearing herself to me as one of the most interesting customers I've had come through in the last five years, she gave a small and quick re-enactment of one episode. Including facial expressions and hand gestures. It was great. :)

My broadband gets cut off on the 31st of this month. I'm going to miss it lots. *sniff* Dial-up sucks, but it doesn't suck even half as much as having had broadband, and then going BACK to dial-up. The withdrawal is going to be a killer. But, I think it'll do me good - seeing as I'm going to have little or no internet access overseas. It's about time I started trimming down my operations, so to speak.

I finally finished off Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, breaking my abnormal habit of getting 95% way through completing a game, and then switching to a new one. I've almost finished Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project, also. The only other game I play is Medal Of Honour: Spearhead online - and I do that because I want to get as much in before I lose my broadband access. I've been getting so good at it that someone asked me to join a clan the other day, just based on my performance over a couple of games. I was quite pleased with that. :)

Got to speak with my sweetheart in the UK again for a good few hours the other night before sleep came to whisk me away. I learned that I'd said some rather silly things to her last time I was slightly intoxicated (much to her giggling enjoyment, I imagine), so (un)fortunately for her, I've vowed not to do that (call people whilst drunk) again. Besides, I like to remember conversations that I've had with people, especially ones who are important to me.

I think that's about it - most other events thus far have been somewhat inconsequential and/or un-noteworthy.

Until next time,


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