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Lyrical Updates + Background Info on '10,000 Days'

Updated my Tool Lyrics Post with some lyric changes. I still can't stop listening to the album. I even teared up some whilst doing the changes for "Wings for Marie"... one of the lines suddenly clicked and I realised what it was, and I got this jolt of "Holy shit, that's what it is," coupled with "Holy shit, that's what he's saying..." Ironically, I think I always knew what the line was, I just had never really thought about it yet. Not until I saw it written down.

The lines being: "It was you who prayed for me so; What have I done? To be the son to an angel? What have I done to be worthy?" He's speaking, obviously, of his mother, who passed away recently. "10,000 Days" comes from the fact that she had been paralysed and confined to a wheelchair for 28 years - or, roughly, 10,000 days. Even though she was paralysed, she was devoutly religious. Maynard (vocals and songwriter) always rebelled against this, constantly questioning how she could worship the God who had done this to her - the most poignant of which was his song "Judith" off A Perfect Circle's album "Mer de Noms". Read the lyrics and you'll understand.

I guess it's time for me to go to bed. Don't look at the time I blogged this entry... no, don't! Hey! I said don't look! *sigh* Okay, fine; I got caught up playing WoW. Then I started updating the lyrics entry, and writing this entry, and... look, fuck you okay, I work better when the world sleeps. :) I'm screwing up my sleeping patterns, but oh well. I'm partying again tomorrow night, so I'll need the energy.

Then again, I've got a shoot coming up next week with sub 8am starts, so... ugh. >_>


Fine, I'll leave you all to your sensationally full and fulfilling lives! :P

Peace out you junkies,


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