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I'm paying for my flights today!

Yay! *bounces up and down in his chair*

I think this'll be the single most largest amount of money I've ever spent in one go, which is cool. Notch another XP up for me, yay! The only thing that sucks about going down the street is getting up early. I usually catch a ride in with dad - he comes home for an hour lunch break. So this is what 10:30am looks like, eh? And if this is what it usually feels like (i.e. cold), you can keep it. I'll stick to my getting up at 12pm and onwards when the sun's had time to warm the day.

I won't bitch for too long, but there is one very slight thing I'm... not worried, but, let's say, in doubt over. Apparently, each country you visit needs you to have a certain amount of money in your bank account if you're to
a) Get a VISA there, and
b) Get in to the country without a VISA.
So, I hope I will have enough money for them to let me in to the UK, and I also hope by the time I'm done, I'll have enough money for a US VISA, as I would eventually like to travel there. I'll have to ask the travel agents today about how much money is required in my account for both situations.

Unfortunately, my 'favourite' agents won't be there - they won an award under their company's incentive program to reach a certain target number, and are off to Las Vegas for a huge 'Flight Centre Global Ball' held at the MGM Grand from July 18 - 20th. The lucky people! But I can certainly say they deserve it. They're excellent travel agents, of that I'm sure. When I was in there once waiting to be served, a couple had stopped by especially to thank their travel agent, and to say goodbye. :) Ain't that sweet? They're very nice people, so I hope they have a killer party.

And I also hope the replacement staff they've pulled from the surrounding towns can answer my questions and not screw up my ticket payment. >_<;;

Right, I'd best be off to get ready.


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