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Bakehouse Lasagne FTW.

I've just found out that I have, happily, been quite wrong about something for quite some time now.

Last year - many months ago - I used to frequent an eatery a few blocks away collectively known as 'The Bakehouse'. It's a large barracks-style eatery, the sole purpose of which is to feed as many people as possibe, at quite a reasonable price. Of course it doesn't look like a barracks, though it does have long many-seater tables.

I think it has, quite possibly, the best lasagne I've ever tasted. And I would always go in and buy some. It was $7, and worth every dollar. That is until one day, when they raised the prices, and the lasagne became $9. Now, I was crushed, and disappointed. It was fantastic lasagne, but I just couldn't justify spending $9 on it. I mean, for $10, I could buy at the supermarket a large pan of lasagne that would feed me for at least two days, maybe even three. Sure, it would be of inferior quality, but what it lacked in quality it made up for in quantity. Thus it was that I stopped going to the Bakehouse.

Fast forward to today, where Hannah and I have just enjoyed a screening of "Nanny McPhee". Although we missed the very start, it was a fun movie, and I enjoyed it. It's a kids movie, and as such takes some liberties, but they're forgivable. The script is basic, as you'd expect, but the acting is of top standard, and the humour accessable, so it makes up for any lack of depth. As I said, I enjoyed it - but then, I AM a big kid.

Afterwards, we went for lunch, and as we were in the area and it sold a large range of food (and I hadn't been there in a long while), we went to the Bakehouse. The lasagne, I was annoyed and disgusted to learn, was now $9.50. It was about then that I noticed something odd. On the mini-blackboard sitting on top of the bain-marie, it said "Lasagne: $9.50". On the main blackboard, listing every meal, it said "Lasagne: $9.50". However, on the window of the bain-marie, where the lasagne was, it said "Lasagne + Salad: $9.50". I mentioned this to Hannah, and she told me it must be the meal that cost $9.50, not the lasagne by itself, and that surely, by itself, it would be cheaper. I told her I doubted it, and that I reckoned they'd make me pay the $9.50. So of course, she asked the girl behind the counter what the price of the lasagne was by itself.

Seven dollars. Much to Hannah's chagrin, I might add, at my being wrong. But I couldn't really be too annoyed - with a big goofy grin on my face, and with Hannah telling me how much of a pain in the ass I am, I was stoked to learn my lasagne - the best lasagne I've ever had in my life - had never gone up in price at all. It had simply been very, very badly advertised. Not only was my lasagne back to being affordable, but it also meant I had enough cash for a drink - and when I'm at the Bakehouse I always get a creaming soda. So it was that I enjoyed my lunch today, and walked home slowly, with a full belly, happily thinking about the next time I'd get to sample that brilliant seven-dollar lasagne again.


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