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My housemate throws up if he smells sour milk, so I can't even ask for a second opinion.

I'm bloody hungry at the moment, and I'm about to throw out a bowl full of 7 Weetbix because the milk... it just doesn't taste right. I've checked, and there's three days before it goes out of code, but it still smells off. It hasn't been left out of the fridge, there's been no power outages... it's just gone sour early for some reason. I'm even screwing up my face at the taste of my coffee, though I'm still drinking it.

Anyway, this means I either go get more milk (ugh... it's early, I can't be bothered, I've got stuff to do but I'm sooo hungry..) or I use up one of my kid's meals. They're little $2 heatable meals that I use when I need a quick snack for some reason. They're great for when you need food before you go out, or sometimes as a snack during gaming. That said, one kid's meal is $2 and two litres of milk is about $2... and the milk I use for coffee, breakfast and milkshakes, and it goes a lot further than one kid's meal.

Look, I'll tell you what. Let me finish this coffee first (*shudder*), and do a bit of work on this budget that's due tomorrow and I haven't started, though I've had two months to do it. THEN I'll go get some milk, okay?



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