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As most people know, my life at the moment consists of either being tucked away in my room on the internet, or at work, and not much else. So on those rare occasions when I venture down the street, either with a purpose in mind, or for some fun, it always seems like something of a surreal experience. It's like someone presses a fast-forward button on life. It's like the people I pass, the surrounds I walk by are akin to some drink that I've been denied, and my thirst is unquenchable. My eyes just seem to drink in, at high speed, all the little details... I walk in to a place, and will look at everyone, drink in their features, the clothes they wear, their shoes, the way their hair is done, the necklace they're wearing... then the place itself, the details on the walls, the pictures and posters up, the carpet or tile I'm walking on, and then... I've already walked out of the room, and in to another. It's like that constantly, over and over.. drink, drink, drink. I feel like I've taken a dose of speed whenever I go down to run some errands. Not that I'd know - never touched hard drugs before.

My passport finally arrived at the post office, so I went down to collect it. I know it's nothing special - heaps of people have one, I'm sure - but I felt happy about it. Plus, it just looks so cool, I felt like a spy.. hehehe. Anyway, whilst I was there my friend rang me on my @#%&#@P.O.S! mobile phone (which promptly cut out on him - 30 mins later he gets through again) and wanted to catch up, so I wandered down to his place after I'd bought my brand new webcam ($120 down to $85 after some quick suckering of a couple of businesses in a price-matching+discount war. I actually only saved $3.. but hey, a saving is a saving). We chatted about The Matrix: Reloaded a bit before heading down to a fairly new shop opened up called The LAN Mine, which is a walk-in-off-the-street network gaming café, where you can surf the net and play games against your opponents. We had a quick half-hour session of Unreal Tournament: 2003 and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, and expected that to cost around $5.50, but it was actually $2.50! This was extremely affordable, and much better than going down to, say, a games center where every game costs $1 - $2 for a few minutes. I was very impressed.

A friend of mine that I haven't spoken to for quite a while rang me up the other day, as he was in the area. We had a great couple of hours chatting. I definitely miss getting to see him whenever I wish - we used to hang out all the time and watch movies and anime, play oldskool paper RPGs like AD'n'D and Vampire: The Masquerade, chat about anything and everything, and generally had fun. He's living in Melbourne now (about 3 hours from where I am) and has been for quite some time. After a recent bout of very bad sickness (he drank some contaminated drinking water whilst hiking with family, and in the throes of being very sick from that, developed glandular fever - not nice) he says that he'll be traveling back up here a little bit more often, which will be good. He doesn't think he'll have much to do in the next couple of months - and that works out nicely with me, as I'll be heading off in two months (I hope - damnit, I keep saying that, I really have to start MAKING it, rather than saying it, because it IS happening. Really.). He lent me some (very, very expensive and rare) anime DVDs for me to watch/rip, and returned a lot of my stuff, some of which I've been missing. Either way, it was good to catch up with him, and also to see him briefly.

Speaking of catching up on the phone, I've been chatting a lot to my fantastic UK honey, ki_caelum, lately. What can I say? I'm very smitten with her. There's not many people I can talk to long enough to successfully drain the battery on my home cordless - that is, without boring them first. :) She's both a reason to stayed glued to my monitor, in case she comes online, and a big motivator for me to get off my ass and start organising my trip, as I'm very much looking forward to meeting her, and all my other overseas and online friends. That's assuming I have enough cash, and work doesn't cause any problems for me. My money situation seems to be improving, and as long as I can stick to my guns in terms of limiting my spending, I have a nice chance of having this trip overseas lasting longer than 4 - 6 months. A friend of mine in the USA is investigating whether it's cost effective to patch up an old laptop he has with some money that is owed to me through him. It would be excellent to have a lappy on my trip - for music, to keep up my journal, to add in names and addresses of the people I meet on my travels, to compose music, connect to the net from time to time, and more.

Here's some neat links, for shits and giggles:
Who Wants To Be A Squillionarie: A quiz where all the questions relate to old, old videogames.
Invincible People: Watch them take multiple blows to the body, but not get hurt. Pretty frightning/amazing.
Ever wonder how many blowjobs are given in a day?: Well wonder no more!
Kozo: See Kozo dance, whoever the hell Kozo is.. I found it quite amusing, though! :D
The Freelance Ninja FAQ: Extremely important information for anyone withing to hire a freelance Ninja.

And finally - if you don't visit any of those links, at the very least download this video:
Cat Bloopers: Cats are insane. This video proves it. X-D

Anyways, off to argue with my folks about my trip, and how the bank knocked back my credit limit raise application, and how I don't really know what the hell I'm doing. ^_^

Love to all,


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