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I am so fucking stoked. The other day I found out from my uni mates that Nine Inch Nails will be playing in Melbourne in August. I vowed that should they ever play in Australia again, I would go and see them. Well, I found out very early that they were going to be touring here (my friends always keep an eye on the music scene, there's excellent free publications around Melbourne for that kind of thing), so I was able to act quickly. The tickets go on sale this Monday - in three days time - however, I bought 5 tickets this morning at about 1am. =)

If you're subscribed to the Nine Inch Nails fanletter (and for some reason I'm not - I have no idea why, I must rectify that) they sent a link and a password out to their members so that they could buy the pre-sale tickets, only on sale for a couple of days, with limited tickets available. Geoff messaged me this morning with the link and password, so I jumped on and bought 5 tickets, one for Hannah and myself, my two uni friends who want to go and see the concert, and Geoff. Splitting the ticket delivery cost, all up it's only going to cost us $81.45 each, which I think is bloody excellent, as I was prepared to pay up to $150 (If we'd have bought the tickets seperately, it would have been $79.90 for the ticket, then an extra $7 - $8 for delivery, so we're saving money by buying in bulk). Of course, Geoff has to get himself to Sydney so he can fly down to Melbourne and then back again - so it's going to raise the price a fair bit for him - but in fairness, that's basically what I did when I flew up to Sydney for the A Perfect Circle concert. And booking flights this much in advance means you can get a return ticket for as little as $100.

In any case, I have NiN concert tickets on the way to my house. They play on August 17.

I am so fucking stoked! =D =D


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