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Welcome to my first 'Random And Meaningless (but still really long) Updates Post"!

I finally finished "Postal 2" the other day. Overjoyed to hear that it has been banned in North America. Not overjoyed because it was banned, but because I got to play it anyway. :) It really was quite a fun game, heaps of people bitched about it.. its graphics, its load times... but in the end, if you took it as a non-serious and completely insane, fun game, it was quite enjoyable.

Acquired "Enter The Matrix", and I'm having a lot of fun playing through it. It has it's drawbacks - when you go in to slow-motion mode the mouse speed stays the same, which causes you to swing wildly about when you're trying to accurately aim. The driving parts aren't that good - yet, anyway. And there seems to be a few minor audio problems, but that might just be my.. ahem.. copy. It's worth it just to unlock the new Wachowski brothers footage! When I started playing it, I hadn't seen Reloaded, but I saw that soon after. I'll get to that, anyhow.

I had to get up mega-early (for me, anyway) on Tuesday, as it was my sister's birthday and my family and grandparents were having a breakfast downtown. It was very nice, and bloody huge.. the place we were going to go originally turned out to be shut, so we switched to the local club, and their food is cheap and plentiful. I had my fill of sausages, bacon, hash browns and toast. There was egg and tomato as well, but I passed on those.. I was too busy eating all the rest, and other people's leftover sausages, bacon, and hash browns that they didn't want. ;)
Anyways, it was great. My sister scored a mini stereo to replace her aged but faithful CD/Tape deck, some clothes, food, and that's about it. I, much as I'm ashamed to admit it, gave her nothing, and was completely surprised to hear it was her birthday "tomorrow" when she told me the night before. Honestly, my family tell me nothing, they blame it on me being shut away in my room. But I'm horrible with dates. Eh. I'll buy her something that she wants when I figure out something decent for her.

After we got back from breakfast, I played ETM for a while to get me in the mood - shortly after dad and I finally went to see The Matrix: Reloaded. I'll not say much about it here, suffice that I enjoyed it a lot, am happy I went to see it on the big screen, it has its good points and bad points, but I'd reccomend that people go and see it as it was intended - at the cinemas. I'm in no hurry to see it again (no, that does NOT mean I DO plan to go see it again, Miyu), but I probably will end up seeing it again, heh.. I need to see the Agent Smith fight again, it was just too breathtaking not to want to watch again. But anyway. :)

When I came home I bitched about Reloaded to a friend which was fun - part of the reason I was eager to see it was so that I could join in the bitching if it didn't turn out to be brilliant, and while it was brilliant in some aspects, it definitely sucked in others, so it was cool to focus on them (like everyone else), because I'm usually the one defending the bad parts of a movie by pointing out all the good things. Afterwards, I played ETM more. ^_^

In the evening we all drove up to our grandparent's place. It was a surprise visit, as we had something to present to them. My uncle was already there, so we all stood around chatting for a bit.. then another one of my uncles and his kids turned up. Obviously this had all been pre-planned. Our grandparents were surprised at all these people turning up out of the blue, but at the same time it's something that could quite easily happen in our family, so it went unmentioned. Still, we moved it along.. my uncle got one of his kids to give them a 'Best Grandparents' award.. which just happened to include two all-expenses paid tickets to England, so that they could go and visit their son and his wife over there. They have just given birth to a baby girl (which was born on the night of my grandfather's 70th, see an earlier post), and we knew they would want to go over and visit. They were ecstatic and went around the room thanking everyone profusely. It was great for them. Funny thing is, if my overseas plans work as I hope, I might be over there when they are! Could be interesting.

Today, we had a new guild introduced in to the Ravenblack Vampires game! Traveller's Guild, which makes Celerity available by means of a treasure hunt. It means that all powers, bar second-sight, are now introduced in to the city... I assume Ravenblack is now going to focus on the other games he's working on. Those should be interesting. I'll be hitting TRG2 tomorrow, and starting my Celerity Level 2 quest... shouldn't be too hard, but I'm out of cash after this, so I'll have to rob / bite to get the money I need to buy the drinks at the pub to obtain the treasure quest items. It'll take up ap, but eh - it'll be worth it!

Tonight after I came home from work I felt quite gassy in the stomach, and a friend pointed out that it may be the coke I usually drink at work. I think she's completely right, so I've decided to give it up. I think other soda drinks are still ok.. Fanta, Sprite, etc... but Pepsi and Coke are out for now. I'll probably switch back to drinking copious amounts of apple juice and some flavoured sports-drink water, like I used to have. I will miss my usual vanilla coke drink - but if it stops me feeling like this afterwards, I'm sure I'll manage. ^_^

Just to end the post on a bit of a high note for all of you vampire players reading, I managed to pull off a brilliant piece of stupidity. I was idling in a bank, about to head to Traveller's Guild 2 which was 8 AP away. I had 7500 in my account, so I needed another 500 coins by the time I got to the TRG2 square. I had 20 ap, so although it was a challenge, I thought it was possible to pull off. I started off, made my moves carefully. Got some good money off of a human, a couple of missed robberies (hard when you're so close to a bank), and one good hit off another pire. I had about 5 ap left... when I realised I hadn't withdrawn the 7500 from my account whilst I was in the bank. Aaarrgghh!
Luckily bitingfrenzy saved the day. He and I are both going for Celerity2, so he ducked down to the bank from the guild (I limped back, it was about 6 ap away) and spotted me 600 coins, taking me over the 8K mark (when I eventually withdraw the money). I'm idling in the bank, and he above me.. when we build up ap, we'll go and hit the guild together. Sounds like fun, ne? :D

Anyways, it's early, I'm still not feeling well, and need sleep.


P.S. Interesting link for the day: Scientists create a supercomputer out of Playstation 2's -

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