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I didn't end up getting much sleep, and what I did get was fitful at best. Eventually, I just decided to stay awake. Which was a lucky decision, because I had about 5 - 10 seconds to get ungroggy before the phone rang. It was my friend - the one who had just turned 21 - asking if I was gonna cancel work and go with him to Melbourne. I told him I'd decided to skip it and he said that was all good. He told me some of our other friends were going down today to see the flick if I wanted to join them. Yeah.. why the hell not? They said they'd pick me up in about 10 - 20 minutes, so I used the time to shower, get changed, and have the most readily available food on hand - a bananna. I was craving for something more substantial... I figured I'd get something down the street. But it was not to be - about 30 mins later I was rung up and they said the tickets had sold out.. so, no Matrix: Reloaded for Dom that day. I didn't mind, really.. I crashed in front of the PC and chatted to people until it was time to disappear to work. I wolfed down some pasta before I left, and hauled ass there.

To skip back a bit, as I was undressing to shower, I noticed I had a large scratch on my shoulder. I'd love to know where I got that from... oh yes, and the cut on my hand. Damn 21st parties, they can be so wild! :)

Work was very dead, luckily. No customers around, and most of the work had been done, so I could chat freely with the security guards and staff. But I'm sure you all don't care about that.

Got home, talked to twilitemystique for a couple of hours (we traded pictures, she's quite a cutey honey), then to bitingfrenzy for an hour, before retiring to bed.

Today was supposed to be a clean-up day, but because I got to bed so late, I woke up late. I managed to clean up the kitchen in between chatting on the net, but I didn't make much of a start on my room. Oh well.. always tomorrow.

I'm chatting to ki_caelum right now, and she always cheers me up.. I was in a bit of an 'annoyed' mood, due to various things. So I'm going to ride this conversation out with her, maybe get in some gaming and/or reading time, and head to bed.


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