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Hellaciously hungover from a great night

Ugh. I'm sure it was a fantastic night - the 21st I just came back from, I mean - because I feel 300% horribly hungover. Throwing up is not in my nature, so sleep will have to do - but I'm still undecided as to whether I should call in sick or not.. it would mean I lose some cash (Sundays pay well) but I'd get to go see The Matrix: Reloaded in Melbourne with friends. Thinking about it now, as much as I'd love to, I have other priorities.. so I think I'll just go to bed and sleep off my hangover, get up and go to work. Fuck travelling when I feel this sick.

Anyway, the 21st! Obviously the level 99999 (to the infinite power) shield of protection did its job, because instead of walking in to town and taxi-ing over to my friend's place, I got a lift in to town with.. *chuckle*.. Dom's mum (only a couple of people wil get that).. Dom being one of my sister's friends.. because they were headed that way. Then I found out they were headed out to where my friend lives anyway... so I bought burbon and got a ride to his front door! Excellent. No walking!

I got to catch up with a lot of people, and it was a fantastic night, really. Finger food of party pies, chicken nugget thingies, and cocktail frankfurts made it better. Two kegs on tap. By my fifth or sixth beer (two hours in to the night), I was well on my way to having a good time, knowing full well I'd pay for it in the morning (aka: NOW). The speeches were good, and I'm not looking forward to seeing myself on camera - which is odd, cause I usually love doing that sort of stuff, but they shoved the camera in my face and asked me to think of a story, so it was kinda on the spot. It would have been better if I could have thought about it.. but oh well.

My memory starts getting a little hazy towards the end of the night.. after my tenth or so beer, and second / third glass of bourbon and coke. I do know that people started getting tired, and shutting their eyes - thus the flour was brought out and antiqueing began. I sort of passed out in a chair under a blanket for a while, and when I woke up everyone was gone, pretty much.. heh. I called a taxi and got a ride home.. besides the fact that I wasn't in the mood for talking, I think he didn't say much because of the flour covering my jacket and shirt. Oh well. Like I wanted to talk to him anyway. :)

Anyways.. that's more than enough. It's 11:10am and I need to get to bed. I don't throw up easily, so I usually have to ride my hangovers out.. I don't take anything for them, bar a lot of time.


Wait, I already said that about me not throwing up, didn't I? Wow, wasted time when I could be in bed! Why am I writing this, then? Gah!

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