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Bah. Crap. It was a fake!
It was a practical joke pulled by members of a board I'm subscribed to. My friend rang me at work to let me know. I was pretty pissed off at first, that someone from our group would pull a stunt like that, but I forgot about it after a bit. :)
Then when I got home, I read all the posts in the thread, and it was actually pretty funny to watch it all unfold. The stunt was done so well, in fact, that it made the usually sharp... oh, what am I saying? It fooled the retards at IZOnews. Which was to be expected, cause most of them are retards. :) But there are some sharp cookies there, and they were fooled too, though wisely sceptical. I was fooled, but that's because I didn't believe the person who was saying it was real would lie. But they did, they were the ones that engineered the entire prank in the first place. :P

Anyways. I found it funny, after all. Funny how us gamers can be so vicious. :) There's currently a thread on the board (in jest) taking a poll on what the guy's punishment should be: temporary ban from the board, castration, or being forced to make love to a goat. Unsurprisingly, the goat option is the current favourite.


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