Dominitus (dominitus) wrote,

"It can get pretty lonely sometimes."

First Cut 1, Ch 12, Pg 217.

Donn Cambern.

"In order to be successful and achieve the enjoyment that's possible, you have to take risks. It's part of the process, taking risks."

"It can get pretty lonely sometimes. When the film is finished shooting and everyone is gone, it's like the loneliness of a long-distance runner. You are with it longer than anybody else, except perhaps the director and producer. Sometimes you're there longer than both of them."

Pg 216

"There was one scene that Bob suggested doing another way. I had all these intellectual ideas as to why it should not be, cannot be the way Bob suggested. He listened, let me talk myself all the way out, then said, 'Well, why don't we just try it the other way? If it doesn't work, fine.' We tried it and it worked so much better! What I learned is that it is possible, with egos strung as high as they are in our business, to get in to long discussions about how to do a scene. Long discussions. When, in essence, if you go right to the film, it will tell you faster than anything."

No matter how many times someone says "don't tell me, show me," it is still possible to forget this fact.

Pg 218

"I'm literally happy going to work in a wonderful fantasyland filled perhaps with enormous problems. You don't really know whether you can solve the problems. But you know that if you draw wisely on your experience, you can."


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