Dominitus (dominitus) wrote,

"You've got to put those pieces together and make a picture."

First Cut 1, Ch 6, Pg 117. Geof Bartz.

"People don't realise that somebody sits there and makes thousands and thousands of decisions before what they see ever gets on the screen. That they've gone down hundreds of wrong paths before they've ended up with the final film. The thing that's most annoying is when people say, 'So you're the one that cuts stuff out'. As if there was a big long thing and you cut it down to size. Often there is just a big mishmash of material. It's as if somebody gave you all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and no picture of what that puzzle is supposed to look like. Maybe there's three or four jigsaw puzzles all mixed up. You've got to put those pieces together and make a picture."


Tags: editing, reading

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