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Welcome, Ki!

First of all, I must say a big:

Welcome to Live Journal, Ki!</font>

to my friend ki_caelum (or Kiana), who just joined LJ recently. Nice work Ki, I'm looking forward to reading your entries. :)

Well, a small update from my one day expedition. I bought my new shoes. They're great.. soft and light, yet very comfortable and sturdy. They were $119 down to $99, so I bought them. It's still a lot of money for shoes (especially for me), but they're ones that will last (I hope) so it's worth the extra cash.

I submitted my passport application, but not without a little hoohaa. My mother had filled in the 'verify the subject's identity' section, and unbeknownst to me, family and relations weren't allowed to fill in that section - which made sense when I thought about it. You think a terrorist's mother is going to protest at verifying her son's identity? No! So I made a quick trip over to my workplace and requested one of my managers fill out the section, which she was only too happy to do. Nipped in to a shop to buy something to hold some CDs in - a cheapie $2 CD wallet did the trick - and went back to the post office. Handed in my application (it was fine), paid the fee ($144!!), and then stuck the CD wallet full of CDs in a box and sent it off to a mate of mine in Melbourne. We're doing a games trade, and his games should reach me (back in the CD wallet, w00t!) by tomorrow.

Ducked in to the bank, cashed last year's tax cheque, and requested a credit limit increase on my credit card, and also to change it over to a Visa card, ready for traveling. They said it's a two-step process; first the limit increase, then when that comes through, they'll request the card change. Banks are usually pretty quick on that kind of stuff - always keen to make an extra buck, and I'm basically begging to get myself in to debt (which I won't do) - so I expect the increase and new card soon.

All that was left after that was my haircut. As I said I would, I got it short-ish, spiky, and dyed black. I have since had many nice complements regarding how it looks, which I'm quite happy about. A good haircut is a real pick-me-up, and this one has me feeling pretty good.

Let's see, what else has happened lately. Oh yes - whilst I was down the street, I got quotes on my flights, insurance, etc. I plan to go to the UK, stay for a couple of months, head to Germany to meet up with some friends who are already traveling around, stay an indeterminate amount of time (probably go back to the UK somewhere in there too), then head to the USA for a long period of time, trying to see as many online people as possible. It seems to be even more important than seeing the actual country, although the promise of seeing some of the country WITH some of my online friends is one I find extremely appealing. I have very high hopes for the trip. Which brings me back to the quotes: they're expensive. I don't have a second job (and if I did, I'd be taxed heavily), so I'd basically be landing with not very much. Others have done the same and fared well, but when it comes down to it, I'm still very worried. But I so want to go... I think I am going to just jump blindly in to it and take one of the biggest risks in my life. That's IF I can keep this momentum up.. organise things... and live my goal. Plus, I'm an Internet junkie - over 90% of my life is lived online. I think it might be difficult to go without the net for so long, but I'm sure the very fact I'm traveling to new places and seeing new things will keep my eyes off the screen and on the scenery.

The only other couple of things I would like to mention are just thoughts that occurred to me. One is, I like being told to go to bed by people that care for me. A few times I've needed to be told to go offline, otherwise I'd have stayed until my face hit the keyboard in exhaustion. I find it a very caring act.. they need to know that I'm OK... and that means something to me.
The other thing is that I really dislike reminding people of other people they've met. I seem to do it all the time, and it's not their fault that they mention it to me. It's just that it seems to happen so often... I'm not one to question my identity, but it just annoys me that I'm so 'like' these other people, and possibly not 'unique' enough. Meh. I'm sure I'll get over it.

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