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Cold, hairy and fun!

I'm currently in my old uni town of Bathurst, catching up with a good friend of mine. We both bought modded Xboxes recently, with the same modchip, so we've been having a lot of fun playing with them, configuring them, copying games - and playing "The Sims: Bustin' Out" which is my brand new addiction. I've not liked any 'The Sims' game before, although I've tried to get in to them to see what the hype was about. But this is the most coherant, fun, and utterly addictive version that I've played. I won't go in to it now, suffice to say that I'm going to be having a lot of late nights playing it from now on.

I can't tell you just how excited I was when the Xbox arrived at my doorstep. It was pathetic. I was like a little girl, hopping and skipping around. That's how men react when they get new exensive toys to play with. It's true! When there's no one around, of course. If there's people around, they'll be like "Yeah... just picked this up... should be pretty sweet..." Then as soon as people leave, they'll be hopping up and down, skipping around the room going "Yeeeessss! Oh yeah! YEAH! Yesyesyesyes! OH MY GOD! My gorgeous little sex-in-a-box baby!!" Well, maybe not that last part... that's just what I was saying... ahem... >_>

Hmm, what else. My little sister turns 18... errr.. today sometime, I believe. She's away on a school camp (please, no American Pie jokes) so I'll just have to text her mobile (these little yuppies today.. can't go anywhere without their phones, it's pathetic! *checks his phone for any messages...*). Going back home tomorrow for a party or somesuch. Going out tonight to celebrate my mate's girlfriend's birthday as well, so I should be pretty dead by Sunday, considering I'll be up late tonight what with all the coke I've drank.

There's probably other stuff but I can't really concentrate at the moment. I should go to bed, but it's absolutely freezing cold here.. Bathurst is at the bottom of some mountains, so it cops the cold bad. In the spare room, where I sleep, it's worse. I could just fall asleep playing xbox in the lounge, where it's warm.. but there's cat fur everywhere and I'm allergic to that stuff. I've kept the allergies away with some kickass drugs though; Telfast - I'm most impressed with it. Hmm. I might just drag the heater from the bathroom in to my bedroom and heat it up a little before heading to bed.

Oh yeah, the other thing is that I haven't shaved for almost a week now. I have another week off work after this one is over - I figure by that time, I'll have decided if I want to keep some kind of facial hair feature, or get rid of the lot. Because of the haggared stages in between 'clean shaven' and 'clean bearded', I couldn't do it during working weeks, so I thought I'd take the opportunity now, just to have a change for the sake of it.

Right, off to get horribly tired and not fall asleep. :)


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