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Wow! Bafflingly odd.

That is, a company doing what it's supposed to do, and in good time!
I sent my faulty 80Gb Western Digital hard-drive back to them in Singapore. Surprisingly, it took less than a week to get there (I mean, I know the flight over is only about 8 hours, but I don't trust the mail service at all). Not only that, but WD e-mailed me to say it had been received, then the next day emailed me again to tell me my new drive had been shipped to me. This impressed me even more because their website is claiming that they're experiencing delays of up to 7 days in keying received drives in to their system. So, either the drive got there very quickly and there was a processing delay, or the drive took its time, and there was a minor (or non-existant) processing delay. Either way, it's getting here sooner than I expected.

Unfortunately they're only replacing it with another 80Gb drive. Was hoping they might bump me up to a 120Gb or something. Ah well! I can but hope. :)

Now I just have to figure out how to RMA my Seagate 60Gb drive. They'll HAVE to upgrade me there.. they can't possibly have 60Gb drives in their warehouse anymore. I'm expecting an 80Gb drive or higher. :)


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