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Thniff my Jello queffths, you Athos!

Most people who read my journal can already read the log (*Dominitus falls about laughing*) of our hillarious IRC chat session that devilmiyu, bitingfrenzy and I had over on Miyu's journal. I've never laughed that much during an IRC chat session, ever. It unbelievablty funny. At least it sucked me right out of that horrible mood I was in. Hard to be angry when you're laughing so hard at the words "buttplug", "queef", "Jello", and lithping all your wordth. Athoria the Athhy Atho was brilliant in getting Miyu to say 'oh okay' all the time, which resulted in my script screaming "Jello!", which in turn made us use the words.. and.. hahahaha.. it just kept getting out of control. Fantastic fun. :)

For anyone vaguely interested in what I plan to be doing, or why I might not be online, here's my list of things to achieve today:

  • Attend my passport interview at 11:45am - a quick "Are you a terrorist? Have you ever fantasised about hijacking and / or crashing an aeroplane?" test to make sure I'm valid for my passport. Someone expressed surprise last night at my lack of a passport. I pointed out that they lived in England, where the next country over was little more than a short drive / train ride / boat ride / whatever. A lot of Australians just don't travel very much, so they don't need one. So it's a little bit of a process to get one, I've discovered. Either way, I'm not worried.

  • Get a haircut. My hair is starting to shit me, and my loved ones keep telling me to get a haircut, so fuck it - whilst I'm down, I shall. Short and spikey cut, and the whole lot dyed jet black, which I haven't done before.

  • Deposit my tax cheque from last year. Yes, I know. I'm slack. Deal with it - I have.

  • Buy new work shoes. You should SEE my current ones. They're about to entirely fall apart. And they absolutely KILL my feet at work, it's extremely unhealthy for me. Unlike females, however, I hate shopping for shoes, and try to avoid it / put it off. But I'm down there.. I may as well.. *sigh*

Then if I'm successful in all of that, I really must polish off this song I'm working on.. it was supposed to be for a paid job, and it looks as though I've missed the deadline.. if I hurry, I might be able to get it in, but I'm doubtful. Still, I'll finish it asap.

/me yawns... must be heading to bed, to do a spot of reading.. and it's only 1:15am! So early. Oh well.. first for everything.


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