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Aelita Andre

This is the first I've heard of artist Aelita Andre. A video of her is currently trending on YouTube, which is how I came across her. It depicts her at work in her studio:

It goes for about 14 minutes - I didn't bother to watch it all, I watched the first few minutes then skipped through it. It is the height of indulgent wank, regardless of the debate it accompanies.

Naturally my first reaction was one similar to the commenters on YouTube. Surely this is a child who has been heavily indulged, and many other children could produce similar work when given the same opportunity (surprisingly and to a certain extent, it turns out her father agrees). At the same time I was intrigued to find out how she had come to have her own exhibition at only age four (the above video is something of a promotion for it).

So I looked for articles and found this one from 2009, when she was initially discovered, and this one from 2010, detailing how her story had progressed over the year, and a proper interview with the parents to get their input, which was especially interesting. As I mentioned, this year they are holding an exhibition of her work, at the Agora gallery in New York.

Reading the interview with the parents raises some interesting questions. What is "art"? Does art need to have an intent to be legitimate? Personally I feel art is an expression, whether with intent or not. Why should something need to have purpose to have meaning? Since the way we feel about artwork is subjective, aren't we all finding our own meaning from art anyway? WE give it meaning via our interpretations. If the widely-agreed purpose of the majority of art is to challenge/entertain/inform etc., then Aelita's artwork is entirely legitimate, even if she had no intent for it to be so.

Are Aelita's parents ones who, thanks to some training in the arts, recognised in their daughter a talent, and had the means to give her the opportunity to develop that talent and the contacts to get her talent noticed by the world at large...

...or are they indulging and/or exploiting a child and trying very hard to make it seem like they aren't, and at the same time having a go at parents who don't indulge their children or attempt to help them develop artistic skills?


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