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Dominate your day. And your mind!

Damn my reflective moods. They'd piss me off, if I felt capable of feeling pissed off when... I feel like this. Yay for convolution.

Today was a great day, by all accounts. I had to get up early, but that seemed to work out okay, after some initial grogginess, heh. I spent a bit of time doing internetty things before changing and walking in to work. I was in four hours early because we had stocktake again today (I was in early yesterday too). Myself and another guy, Paul, who started at the same time I did, were given one of the more difficult shelves to count - small tins and packets of catfood. Besides having to empty the shelf of the product to count it properly, which is time consuming, the products were also scattered willy-nilly from customers picking things up and putting them back where they didn't belong, or staff 'fitting' a box of a product in by putting one or two where they weren't supposed to go. It took us three hours to count a very small section.

Paul used to work in Bathurst Coles at about the same time I did - I'm sure I saw him there, but I never met him, didn't really talk to him at all... he probably wasn't on at the same time I was, or something. Anyway. Even when he's been here at my store, I haven't really talked to him except in passing, as he works in the dairy department, so I hardly ever see him. Anyways, we were both there stocktaking the same shelves, so naturally we chatted a bit. Asking what each of us is doing at the moment lead to talk of my upcoming travel plans, and also my past travels. He too had been travelling, to a lot of the same places. Thus, a three hour, tedius, boring task flew by quite enjoyably as we swapped travel stories. I sincerely hope I'll get to chat to him more at some stage about his travels, as he seemed a switched on, nice guy.

After lunch, I was thrown on to the express checkouts. A lot of people hate them - I was basically as far away from the smoke kiosk as you could possibly get, and the kiosk is where the 'action' is. It's where I usually work, running the front end. But since I wasn't a controller today, plus I was on the express lanes, which see a high volume of traffic, there was much flying by of time. I quite enjoyed it. Most of the customers were unusually pleasant, too. Had some really nice people through. Maybe it was just my mood rebounded, who knows.. but we didn't seem to have many unhappy customers today. It died down later on in the evening, and I was freed up to chat with people, kill some time cleaning, and take a coupel of breaks I was owed. So it was a pretty chilled-out night.

I ended the night (now morning) playing a game I had already finished once (hey, it's a good game...), watched some TV, and I'm now chatting to a mate of mine who's just finished running me through a subconcious-focusing exercise that is supposed to help me work towards obtaining my goals by orienting my subconcious to want the same things my concious mind wants. Who knows if it works.. it was kind of a fun exercise. :)

I haven't eaten dinner. Hmm. Time to prowl the house for food, methinks!


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