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Intergalactic 2010 video (plus update on RSF2010 vid)

It took a while, but I finished the Intergalactic video. It feels great to finally have it completed and up online. I am both happy with how it has turned out, and how happy it has made Ben. :) I'll embed it so you can watch it here, but if you could go to YouTube and rate/comment it, that would be awesome. Watch it in HD if you have the bandwidth to do so (or the patience to wait for it to fully pre-load), it looks and sounds a lot better in 1080p. Also feel free to repost this where-ever you'd like - in your LiveJournal/Facebook/Blog/Forum/etc - to get it noticed! :)

I was also happy to learn this week that my Rainbow Serpent 2010 video is being used on the Rainbow Serpent Festival website to promote the festival. I submitted it to their archive a while back, but only recently noticed a spike in the number of views the video was getting, which I can only assume coincides with it being put on the front of the 2010 video page.

If these videos continue to be well received and noticed by event organisers, it may eventually allow us access to organisers, artists and behind-the-scenes areas for documentation. I would certainly love to work with (or for) event organisers to gather appropriate material for a full documentary. Here's hoping! :)

Tags: editing, events, filming, friends, music, rainbow serpent, themed party, video

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