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Writer's Block: Music for Thought

When you have to study or get work done, what music (if any) do you put on to help you concentrate?

I feel pretty lucky that I can listen to whatever music I want at work. Donning headphones, blocking out the rest of the office and blasting some music really helps me focus on my work. I find energetic music helps the most - rock, heavy metal and fast-paced electronica. What I choose to listen to depends on my mood and what I've been listening to lately. Recently it's been Slipknot, Tool, Painkiller, Rush, Mastodon, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down and Headroom. Occasionally I'll have to stop and air-drum or rock out and my desk, but on the whole bopping along just helps me get a heap more done. :)
Tags: muse, music, nine inch nails, tool, work, writer's block
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