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Since I'm moving I have a few things I need to get rid of. The larger items are pickup only (Carlton North), as I've no way of getting them anywhere. If no one wants them, I'll probably get some recycler to come take them off my hands, or toss them in a skip.

Fridge: The light is blown, top shelf isn't able to be secured properly (so no heavy items), freezer ices up heavily after a few months and seal isn't 100%... but it works.

Small top-loading washing machine: In good working order.

Futon: Has a couple of slats pushed out. Someone might be able to fix it up, otherwise it's fine as a space-saving spare bed, or a couch for one or two people that don't mind sitting on the edges of it rather than in the middle where the slats are missing.

CRT TV: Some years-old Sonwa TV, I think it's like 56cm or something, 4:3. Works fine though, good for a secondary or old console TV.

VHS tapes: I have some movies and anime VHS tapes that a collector might want (Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Tenchi Muyo, Moldiver + other Hollywood flicks). If you're interested let me know and I can write up a list of what I have.

Table and chairs: Small oval dining table. Scuffed, and heat has stripped off some of the top layer of wood, otherwise fine. At least three chairs, maybe four - I actually can't remember how many there are.

CRT monitors: I have at least two that work, a 19" and a 15", and one that doesn't, a 21". Pretty sure no one will want these, but they're there if you do - would make a good novelty aquarium with a bit of work. :P

I'll post more items up as I come across them. I'm probably going to get a skip week after next, mid-week, and everything I haven't sold or given away will be trashed. So let me know if you want anything.

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