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Phat Nerdz - Show Downloads

Upon request, I'm posting up the link where people can grab the recordings I make of _ocean_machine_'s Saturday night radio show, Phat Nerdz! For everyone who doesn't know, this is a 2-hour radio show hosted by a friend, Zane, occasionally including his friends as co-hosts and guests. The show mainly features excellent psytrance and discussion about all things nerdy, but will occasionally play some different styles (case in point, last weekend's show was a break/glitchcore special). If you like psy and electronica, do yourself a favour and check it out, and feel free to pass this link on to anyone you think may be interested! Zane, feel free to throw it up on your myspace if you wanna.

My only request would be if people could keep the downloads to outside of office hours, that'd be appreciated, since I'm hosting this at work and I do notice the slowdown when people are mooching. But if you don't have a choice or have a faster connection at work, go nuts. :)

Enjoy! And let me know if I should keep it up. :)

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