March 17th, 2008


That knockout vapor stuff?

Because I am supposed to be working and and have failed me utterly...

... what is that stuff all good movie villains use to knock people out? You know, tip it on a handkerchief, cover people's nose with it stuff.

My new colleague, Jo, was cleaning the white board. She started by using window cleaner, then eucalyptus oil. I said I preferred the smell of the window cleaner, and she jokingly offered to pour some on to a tissue for me so I could sniff it. I wanted to say "How about a tissue full of (insert drug name here) so I can just go to sleep for the next few hours," but I can't for the life of me remember the damn stupid thing's name.

Help, plzkthx.

EDIT: So yeah, it's Chloroform. I just came back to edit the post saying "Don't worry, I remember now," but Ralesk beat me to it. :P Thanks twinbro. ;)