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Jan. 2nd, 2008 @ 02:56 pm NYE + 2008
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: Vordhosbn - Aphex Twin
I've decided that I'm not going to make a massive post about New Year's, primarily because there's no way I can adequately express in words just how fucking awesome it was, and secondarily because they are memories I'm choosing to keep for myself. I'll never need a diary entry to remind me of the last few days.

Thankyou very much to the people who organised it and made it possible, especially our matriarch ;). Thanks to the both of you who got me there and back, I love you both. And thanks to all the people I shared it with, especially those whom I met for the first time and had a blast with, and those whom I got to know better. Fantastic people = fantastic times, and you're all fantastic people. May many more fantastic times lie ahead of us.

Cheers to everyone. I hope your New Year's was happy and enjoyable.

Welcome to the new year.