September 17th, 2007



The harsh lessons just keep on coming.

On Friday, before I left work, I set an export running. The idea was to convert my current HDV timeline in Final Cut Pro out to an .m2v MPEG2 file ready to be burned off on to SD DVD. I knew this would take a long time, which is why I set it to run over the weekend.

I'm not 100% sure what happened, but it looks like either Final Cut Pro has crashed and stopped sending data to compressor, or it was going much, much, MUCH slower than I'd anticipated. When I got in this morning, it was saying there was 361 hours remaining, and rising. Final Cut showed up as 'Application Not Responding'.

I quickly read up on some other methods of outputting it, and the 'easiest' way seems to be to let FCP do all the transcoding from HDV to DV. I kicked off the output, but when it said it would take 11 hours, I pulled the plug on that one too.

Now I'm going to try exporting HDV straight to tape, and then re-importing the footage as DV. Usually this is time-intensive, but since our current timeline is short, it's not all that bad. It's certainly shorter than 11 hours.

God damn I hate HDV. I've learnt my lesson. No more editing in native HDV. From now on, AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec), DV, or bust. Even Uncompressed 10bit footage handles better than this crap.


Bye bye old cords.

Aww! I've just discovered that my cord jeans ripped just above the knee sometime over the weekend. They've been on the way out for a while, getting pretty thin and stretched, and I've been meaning to replace them for a while... but still. Aww! :(