September 6th, 2007


Holy hell, it's THURSDAY?!

The accountant walked in and I'm thinking "Hmm, what are you doing in a day early?" So I asked him "What day is it today?" And he answered "Thursday", before looking slightly panicked and saying "At least, I bloody-well hope it's Thursday... yeah, look, on your monitor (pointing at the time/date on the top of my screen). It is Thursday."

Bloody hell! Thursday already? Where the fuck did Wednesday go?! I could've sworn there was another day to go before Thursday... dammit, I had things all planned and now they're compressed in to a day! On the flipside, the weekend is totally closer than I thought it was. That's pretty ace.

Whew. Mixed emotions on that one, but bloody hell! It's THURSDAY people! I so did not realise.