August 14th, 2007


Kiss my ass, problems!

Couple of things.

One, the fucking timeline-redraw bug that's apparently plagued Final Cut Pro from version 1.0 can kiss my ass. Usually it's just annoying, however when you're trying to apply motion effects to images that are of a massive resolution and take a few seconds to draw every single time you click in to a new section of the timeline, it becomes downright maddening. When you add or delete a keyframe, the entire timeline 'corrupts' and you have to force a redraw by re-opening it in the viewer. Where normally you would lose mere seconds in the re-openings, when on the aforementioned large res photos, you can lose entire minutes over a long period of time. It's the only thing so far that's made me want to punch my screen.

Two. Hayfever can kiss my ass too. At least that's a bug I can fix. Thankyou, 120mg Telfast! You're worth every dollar.

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You decide!

Vying for the title of both "most stupid" and "most awesome" things I have ever done, ever, hot on the heels of my purchase of $500 5.1 speakers and a $1,000 hi-def monitor/TV...

I bought a PS3 today.

And now I'm off to set it up... giddy with excitement and anticipation...