June 15th, 2007


Heater Havock

So as I've mentioned in a previous post, our end of the building is colder than the rest. Lately we've discovered that it's not just our floor - this end of the building on every floor is colder than the other end. Some fault with the air-con. Aparently they're working on getting the parts they need to fix it, but that won't be for a fortnight or so.

Unlike paying rent for homes, renting a building requires the landlord and/or owner to provide certain services, and air-con is one. Since they're obligated, but cannot at this point provide, instead they've issued all of us (and I guess the other floors as well, but I don't know that for sure) small electric heaters.

This seems absurd to me, but oh well, whatever. So I switch mine on, use it for a while, switch it off. Saving energy and all that.

This afternoon, the circuitboards decided they didn't like this massive drain in power, and one decided to pack it in.

Now, a sudden total loss of power shocks initially, but you understand what's going on. A sudden *partial* loss of power, I've discovered, is really confusing. Most of my equipment was instantly disconnected, but I run a UPS so I don't lose my work, and surges don't affect my expensive, shiny Mac. Thus it was that ONE of my monitors off, and the other kept running. Which is just like... what the?

And of course, it wasn't the left-hand monitor, containing the OS menus, and my programs that kept running. It was the right-hand one, which is about as useless as tits on a bull when you need to save all your work and shut down.

Anyhow. The whole mess got cleared up eventually, and we're not using the heaters now. And as an added bonus, I swapped the power cables to the monitors, so now when we lose power, my Mac and the useful monitor will stay up. Handy dandy.