May 22nd, 2007


Sore Order

Quick, bitches!

I slept with my neck on a weird angle last night, and now the top-right part of my back, just underneath my shoulder, is REALLY aching. Fortunately it only really hurts when I turn my head, and since I'm staring in to my monitors, there's not much of that going on. So I shall survive!

Okay, another quick bitch. Fucking service people that can't get your order right. I don't mumble. I speak clearly. Yet they still fuck it up and it astounds and annoys me. What's worse is that I think they're double-guessing you. If I go up and say I want a "Sausage Muffin Value Meal", that means I want the value meal you have on offer with a Sausage Muffin - not with whatever is pictured on the poster above your head. Since when did "Sausage Muffin" = "Sausage and Egg McMuffin"? I'll tell you when - never.

Now, it's only a few letting the team down. McDonalds employees aren't stupid by default, I don't go in for that bullshit. It's a job, and people need money. End of story. But seriously. Some of the people there make you wonder. I never like to think that the people working there can't do better, but if you can't even take an order properly - especially when the place is quiet, not a lot of customers and no real rush - how exactly are you going to progress?

What's even worse is that I just KNEW she fucked up the order, so I checked my bag before I left the counter, looking for the 'egg' on the packet, but I couldn't see it and there were people behind me. I saw "Sausage" and "Muffin" so I knew she had a 2/3 chance of getting it right. But after confusing my request for "coffee" as being one for "coke", I should've known I was gonna get that 1 in 3 chance, right?

Anyways, it's been a busy morning, which I should probably expand upon at a later date. Lots of phone calls and emails already - I know I'm starting to make an impact when I'm getting urgent calls from potential clients on my mobile before I've even got in to the office. :P

Laters... bitches!