April 12th, 2007


Guilty As Charged

Couple of things. Firstly a mate of mine just sent me this link of a shoot-out between three cops and one teenager, which was amazing to watch.

Secondly JR came up to me today and asked "How would I go about recording a phone conversation?" He explained that his son had to do a phone interview with someone and needed to record it. "Does your phone have a speaker on it? Can you put someone on speaker-phone? You could just hook a mic up to a tape-recorder, or even use your little DV camera to record it." He kind of gaped at me with his mouth open for a few seconds. "You're a genius. You're an absolute genius." And then wandered off back to his office - and I could even hear him in his office saying "He's a genius."

Man. Imagine what his reaction's going to be when I solve a really difficult problem FOR REALS. I'm looking forward to my performance review. :D