December 17th, 2006


Job Interview Update #2

I found out from my friend who went in for the interview on Thursday that they also called her up and asked her to come in and do some work. I also learned that apart from the people we know, there's also other older people who have been asked to test out for the job.

So, my excitement has been dulled somewhat, but I can't say I didn't see this type of thing coming. It's a competitive market. Lots of people can edit these days, but not many can do it extremely well, and I have enough cockiness and arrogance combined with skill to perhaps see me pass this little test quite well. I'm certainly not going to be unenthused about paid work, that's for sure. Especially if, though they may not employ me, they may ask me to do some more work later, or recommend me to others.

It's all part of getting in to the field, I suppose. I'm quietly confident, but we'll see how we go, eh?

On the plus side, they told my friend they'd be paying her $30 an hour. That's a decent enough rate for freelance work, especially since it's really a skills and personality test anyway.

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