December 15th, 2006


Job Interview Update #1

So. I haven't got the editing job...

... yet.

I know that one of my classmates was going in for an interview yesterday. I didn't expect to hear back from them until at least some time next week.

However I heard back this morning. Even though I was fairly brutally woken from my slumber by the phone, it was worth it. ;)

The manager of the company asked me if I would be available to do some paid work on a freelance basis. A birthday video that needed to be digitised and cut together, I believe (I was still a bit groggy). He also said that if I got that done, "we might have some other stuff that needs doing as well, and we'll see how we go from there. You seemed perfectly confident, so I figure there's no reason to wait on the work, but we're still sorting stuff out down here at the moment."

Which I'm hoping I'm reading correctly when I think he means "I want to give you the job, but I want to try your skills out first and see how you go," or even better would be "I want to give you the job but I can't just yet, so I figure I'll get you in to start work now anyway in a different capacity".

Either way, tentatively and hopefully.... yay! :D

And either way, it's paid work, and I need the cash. :)

I'll leave this post at that, because even though I'm ultra happy about this, currently I'm in quite a lot of back and muscle pain from my current job, which is working me in to the ground. I could bitch quite extensively about what's been going on, but it's just not worth the effort - plus some of it is hard to describe in words. It's the level of respect they're not showing us, the culture of two-facedness in some of the people. It's just too draining, too hard on me and I cannot do it any more.

Put it this way. I've worked the job for nine years, and not once have I ever wanted to quit - until this week.

That's why I'm praying I get this job. Earning money by utilising a creative skill - and by doing nothing more than sitting in a chair, looking in to a computer screen, doing stuff that actually makes me happy - will be a small slice of fucking heaven.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. That is all. ^_^

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