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Aug. 10th, 2006 @ 08:32 am Funny web stuffs and Tool engineering
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I'll keep this one brief.

Things that have amused me recently:

kid pwned right in the face

Darth Vader torments his employee

I thought the second one was especially good due to its editing. Nice work.


I read an article on the sound engineers who mastered Tool's new album "10,000 Days". It was a really interesting read, and knowing a little about production, I can't begin to imagine the time these guys must spend mixing their inputs. They have so many mics on the drums, for example, it truly boggles the mind that each one might get used in the mix to some extent - but moreso that one guy might be listening to it and decide 'that rack tom needs to be a little bit more bright in that section,' and pull down the bassy to mic and push up the lighter, treble-filled mic. Then they will repeat this with all instruments (including vocals), on every song, and THEN try to decide on how to mix them all together. Fascinating stuff.

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