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Apr. 24th, 2006 @ 06:34 pm Tool - 10,000 Days - Album Lyrics
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Current Music: Tool - 10,000 Days Album
I aim to keep this updated with the most recent/likely version of the lyrics to these songs. As with all music, some speech can be a little muffled, and multiple meanings / words can be heard. The only way the 100%-correct lyrics will ever be gathered is if Tool themselves post them on the web somewhere, or subsequent concert bootlegs reveal better, less muffled vocals.

For the moment, these are the most correct lyrics I have for these songs. Where alternative and possible lyrics exist, I've added them next to the relevant text (example: 'foot in mouth and head up asshole / ass so'... personally I think it's 'ass so', others are sure it's 'asshole'. I leave it to the listener. Various interpretations marked in various ways, as these lyrics are compiled from various parts of the net ;) ). Enjoy.

EDIT: Updated on the 11/11/06. Minor update only, added the possibility of 'ganga p-lease' instead of 'ganga police' in "The Pot". Still unsure as to which is correct, but I'm not leaning more towards the 'p-lease' camp after a few listens. Spelling correction in "Jambi" (piece -> peace) as well as changing 'found' to 'fell', which is what I always thought it was, so I'm not sure how I made that error. Anyway, fixed now. Also made other minor changes, alterations and/or corrections. ^_^

EDIT: Updated on the 30/08/06. Included in the August newsletter on Tool's website were the lyrics to "Rosetta Stoned". They were, more or less, perfectly transcribed, but there were a few small changes made from these lyrics included in the newsletter to the ones we hear on the album. For the most part, though, it clears up the more obscure lines, and the steam-of-conciousness at the beginning, so I'm really stoked they released them! Now if I can just say them as quick as Maynard does.... for the concerts I will be going to see them at next year! Yeehaa! I also added one word to Wings For Marie. As I was coming home one day from work, my mind not really concentrating, the song just playing in my ears, it suddenly clicked - one second I wasn't even really listening to the song, the next, a word sprang out at me and brought it in to sharp focus. I believe the new word I have added, 'immobilised ', is the one spoken. Anyways, enjoy! :D

EDIT: Updated on the 22/07/06. I've listened to the album non stop since I acquired it - and I'm not exaggerating. I'd like to know how many days in the past four months I haven't listened to at least one song off this album. Anyway, I've come back to this thread due to the continued comments, and made some lyric changes to Jambi, Wings For Marie, 10,000 Days, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned and Right In Two. Some of the changes are minor, and the only way you'll be able to notice most of them is if you have a saved version of these lyrics to compare against. Continue enjoying these songs - it's been four months straight for me, another three and Tool will probably be touring here. :D

01) VicariousCollapse )

02) JambiCollapse )

03) Wings for Marie (Part 1)Collapse )

04) 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2)Collapse )

05) The PotCollapse )

06) Lipan ConjuringCollapse )

07) Lost KeysCollapse )

08) Rosetta StonedCollapse )

09) IntensionCollapse )

10) Right In TwoCollapse )

11) Viginti TresCollapse )