April 9th, 2006


Tangled Webs

So I was in the shower thinking. I was also taking a shower, but mainly, I was thinking. I thought about Scrubs episodes I'd previously seen. I thought about how much lying went on in the episodes to prove points to the viewers. Which brought to mind the old saying: "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we first practice to decieve."

That's when I came up with it.

What if someone were to start a website dedicated to helping users organise their lies?

A typical entry for an account holder on the website - let's call it www dot tangledwebs dotcom (heheh, cool, no?) would include:

  • The lie - When was it told? Whom was it told to?

  • The truth - What is the truth? (optional - just in case someone manages to steal your account password!)

  • The web - Whom does this lie affect? How long is it estimated to affect them for? Who else will you/may you need to lie to because of this lie? Is there a chance someone will discuss this lie with another?

  • The tangles - How long must this lie be perpetuated? (minimum time - maximum time) Is there a high percentage of an unwanted party finding out about this lie? If so, whom, and what are the chances? Is this person/these people manageable?

I envisage a kind of flowchart-like graphical representation of the lie; the lie itself in the middle, the people it immedately affects surrounding it, and on the fringe, people it may affect. People who have a high percentage of finding out are listed in red, those with a lower percentage listed in green.

There should also be some kind of generatable 'quick-report', where you can view the main details of a lie quickly, just in case you're coming back to it after a long time and have forgotten. Security would be high, we'd need to have a good password and lockdown system.

Anyways! Just a thought. =) This idea, copyright me, 2006! (Helping users track their web of lies on the web since 2006!)

Off to work, on this cold, cold day. Take care, all!

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