March 30th, 2005


The Morning Coffee.

Yesterday morning, I went to make a coffee. Boiled the kettle, put in the coffee and - oh! This is thoughtful! It seems my housemates have tipped some of the sugar in to a little container to make it easier to spoon out. Nice. So, in goes the sugar, and the hot water. I grab the milk from the fridge and... stop. I unscrew it and give it a tentative sniff... hmm... I pour some in my coffee and... lumps. Icky, 4-day-out-of-code lumps, at that. I even went to sip my coffee, to see if it could be salvaged, but the floaties on top stared me right in the face as I made the attempt. I froze up as my lips touched the liquid; no further could I go.
I threw the milk out and went to uni.

And so we get to today! New milk has been purchased. Nothing can stop me in my quest for coffee! The same routine - dole out the coffee, the sugar from the dish, add the milk. Ah, now that's more like it! I sip my coffee and - almost spit it straight back out again, as it is completely sour! What in the hell? Realisation dawns. That wasn't sugar in the little dish, it was bloody salt!

With a crap taste in my mouth, I try, for the third time, to make myself a coffee. Coffee, sugar (two lots, to get this blasted taste out of my mouth), milk. I hold it aloft. Light shines down upon it, and angels sing on high. I take a sip.


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    The sound of me sipping my awesome coffee.