August 29th, 2004


'Wild Zero' and 'Dawn of the Dead (2004)'

Went to a mate's place to watch movies tonight. Watched 'Wild Zero', which is quite an amusingly bad film - so bad, in fact, that it's very good. We had a few beers and watched it first, and laughed all the way through. If you ever want to watch a movie that has zombies, exploding heads, aliens, explosions, guns, gay love and bad Japanese rock'n'roll, 'Wild Zero' is your movie.

Also watched the new 'Dawn of the Dead'. Wasn't as bad, nor as good, as I'd expected it to be. It was okay, overall. Once you get used to the fact that these are running, jumping, angry zombies - not your regular shuffle-along-at-a-snail's-pace-with-arms-outstretched ones (like in 'Wild Zero'), you can enjoy the film. It IS pretty well shot, from a cinematic point of view. Acting was convincing, story basic but we knew that before we'd even hit play, and there was some grimace-inducing moments in there. A good watch.

Nothing much to report. Boring day aside from tonight's movies. Extremely tired. If I can think of anything interesting, it can reside in another entry.


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