September 21st, 2003


Still Alive!

Well, I'm still alive, and my worrying ended up being for nothing. Still, if you never worry, you can never appreciate just how goddamn fucking lucky you end up being.

Anyways, I checked in to the Hostel yesterday, ended up meeting an Aussie here who's flying out to Munich for Oktoberfest on Tuesday, and is then going to do Busabout around Europe for a month. Which is basically, exactly what I want to do. And he was going on his lonesome, and he's glad for some company. It's... too perfect to be true, really. As long as I'm able to organise a flight to Munich, get a tourist visa for Prague, buy a busabout pass and organise accommodation for when we get to Munich - all tomorrow - well then, I'm set. ;)

I guess tomorrow won't be easy, but I won't be alone. It's a big thing for me. It might be hard, but I'm not alone. I can't explain how much of a relief that is. And Reece, the guy that I met, is a stand-up Aussie, nice guy, good sense of humour, and loves to drink - a really typical Aussie. This whole thing could turn out to be awesome. I don't even care about what could go wrong now, I just love the fact that I'll be doing everything not by myself. :P

Alright, internet here is expensive and I've got other sites to hit. Stay safe everyone!

Miss you Ki, love you lots. I hope Fresher's week is going really well. Keep me posted!


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