August 16th, 2003


T minus 2 days and counting...

I'm almost there, folks. Today this computer gets pulled apart, and I'm taking it up to my friend's place for.... well, I'd *like* to call it 'safekeeping', but it's much safer here than at my mate's. No one here would USE it. :)
Anyways, I'm going to set it up on his home network, which is connected to 1.5Mb broadband DSL. There will be a VNC and FTP server running on it at all times (eventually), and it will (again, eventually) be set up to host my webpage and travel diary online!

In the last couple of days I've picked up my traveller's cheques and currency, organised my insurance, obtained and played with my new digital camera, copied music, settings, programs, logs, favourites etc over to my laptop...

Today I'm supposed to be packing this PC up to move, getting a haircut, PACKING (OMG! *sob* I hate packing), and attending my own party. I think I'm going to take it easy tonight.. no hammering the alcohol.. I have way too much other stuff to organise, and I do still have to work tomorrow.

Sadly, I said goodbye to one of my good friends the other day. I'm really gonna miss seeing her whilst I'm on my travels. I really do hope I'll be able to keep a diary up.. I would like to remember all of my trip. Writing in this LJ has been really helpful.. and having the webpage that people can view (it's not ready yet, so I'm not posting the link) will be another incentive for my brain to remember. Also, the entire reason I go a laptop was to keep up a diary. Along with my camera, I should be able to punch out something pretty kickass, even on the road.

Gah. If I don't start packing up now, I might lose my ride, so I gots to jet. I'll post before I go. Probably. ;)

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