July 17th, 2003


Stupid visas

So I didn't pay for my flights (can only take out $1000 a day on your savings card), and today is my last day to be able to pay for them. It MAY have worked in my favour, as I applied for a Virgin credit card, and I'll have a couple thousand dollars more in my account than I would have had. The woman at the travel agency freaked me out a little saying I NEEDED to have a visa, when in reality, I don't think I do. I'm seeking second-opinions - does anyone know anything about the way UK visas work? Do I need one if I'm only staying 4 months (well under the 6-month limit for needing a visa), and have relatives to stay with? Can I leave and re-enter the country as I please without a visa?

Anyways, to bed early (3:30am) with me tonight, as I'm walking in to town with my sister at 10:30am to go have lunch with my folks, and then to pay for flights.

Wish me luck,

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