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Ding! Although that would be more relevant if I still played. Which I don't.

Oh, yes, I suppose I should post something because I am 26 today. Woo! I can't remember how long I've been thinking of my age as "almost 30", but for someone who still enjoys acting like a teenager yet has the cynicism of an old man, I think I'm getting closer to my ideal age. 50 won't be my "over the hill", it'll probably be something more closer to 35.

Have any of you actually, truthfully, forgotten your age at any point? I was in a pub chatting with a friend of Nick's, and he asked me how old I was. I told him I was 23. Later I was relating the conversation to Nick, and I brought up the subject of ages. Nick frowned when I got to the bit about my age.
Him: "I'm 23."
Me: "That can't be right, I'm a year older than you."
Him: "That's right. You're 24, ya dickhead."
Me: "...!"

Seriously. Just absolutely forgot what age I was. I was kind of happy about that. :)

Tags: comedy, life, questions, stupidity

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