Dominitus (dominitus) wrote,

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I Failed the JMOC Test. I suck.
I`m not worth a shit.
Take the JMOC Test
to see if you`re worth a shit!


Ahh, that was priceless! Pity it's only a mock test, really - it's the best online quiz I've ever taken. ;)

In other news.. MY BROADBAND IS BACK ON! SWEET JESUS HALLELUJIA, or however that word is spelt! Yeah! Rock on! SPEED IS BACK! Woohoo!

So now I guess I'm gonna go and check out my new ISP's games servers... see what I can frag... err.. see. :) Yeah. Or maybe I'll set up my FTP server again! Hmm. So much to do, so much to do!! *zooms off to play...*


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